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Madaran Specialized Hospital (Maternity)

Mother and child friendly hospital


  • Maintaining and improving the health and safety of patients, clients and employees 
  • Compliance with professional ethics 
  • Justice and human dignity 
  • Patient-centeredness and adherence to the charter of patient rights 
  • Continuation of promotion empowering employees 
  • Responsibility and rule of law 
  • Maintaining and improving the quality of services 
  • Coherence and integration of services 
  • Mother and child lover

List of doctors

Meeting time

Every day from 14:30 to 16:30

Floor guide

Maternal hospital floors


Insurances of the contracting party

Party to the contract with outpatient and inpatient insurances

Main policies

  • Promoting patient safety and promoting patient and staff safety culture
  • Providing quality diagnostic and treatment services
  • Promotion of natural childbirth and breastfeeding
    Continuation of optimization of physical and 
  • equipment capacity
  • To respond to the welfare needs of patients and companions